“The Monfils Six” is a case involving six men who were convicted of killing a co-worker (Tom Monfils) at a Green Bay, Wisconsin paper mill in the early 1990s. Thanks to an exhaustive investigative effort by two authors who spent seven years writing a book about the convictions, new attorneys are taking a fresh look at the case. Did police and prosecutorial tunnel vision result in the most egregious miscarriage of justice in Wisconsin history? 

The goal of The Innocent Convicts is to reframe the discourse around such practices that often lead to wrongful imprisonment; create awareness and prompt policy makers to sit up, take notice, and advance legal initiatives to end wrongful convictions. As part of our national campaign to abolish wrongful imprisonment, we are screening the movie before law enforcement, elected officials, and the general public. We’ve shown the film at select locations including at the Massachusetts State Assembly to rave reviews.  

We have secured support from PBS stations around the country to air this documentary. The program will be distributed nationally, either through a presenting station, or through various mediums such as National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), the American Public Television (APT), the PBS Network Operations Center, Westlink, and other methods of distribution.

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