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Osagie N. Okoruwa

A filmmaker with a passion for investigative reporting, social justice, public service and human rights. Osagie uses his experience to report the hard, under-explored, and vital stories of our time.

Osagie has spent the last eight years documenting several incidents of wrongful convictions. By utilizing the stories from the victims and their families, Osagie has produced a documentary film series titled: The Innocent Convicts. As the Founder of The innocent Convicts organization, Osagie oversees investigations into the judicial system and raises concerns to the public about prosecuting tactics used by law enforcement officials that often lead to wrongful convictions.

Osagie currently heads a nationwide campaign to abolish wrongful arrest and imprisonment, through film presentations and public legal education.


Darrell Jones

On June 11, 2019, Darrell Jones regained Freedom after having served 32 years in prison out of a Natural Life sentence. He was left there to die over a false conviction. As part of his hopes to educate the public about wrongful convictions, he created the following campaign: “NOT IN MY NAME” Commonwealth vs Darrell Jones.

A Youth Re-entry Consultant, and lifelong activist for justice and freedom for those wrongly incarcerated, Darrell continues to speak out about his unjust sentencing and exoneration after serving over three decades in prison over a false conviction.

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